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Weekend Course:Teaching with the Virtues (United Kingdom)


Liverpool Baha’i Centre
5 Langdale Road, Liverpool L15 3LA
8 p.m. Friday 19th – 2 p.m. Sunday 21st November, 2010

This 2 day course is based on the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project , an International company that was founded in 1991 by three concerned individuals who felt called to do something to counteract rising violence among youth and families.
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Course: Introduction to the Beauty of Islam (United Kingdom)

Weekend Course: Introduction to the Beauty of Islam

Liverpool Baha’i Centre
8 p.m. Friday 22nd to Sunday 2.p.m. 24th October.

A Contemplative and Exploratory weekend on the Beauty of Islam

“When I closed the second volume of the Prophet’s biography I was sorry there was not more for me to read of that great life.” Mahatma Gandhi

This weekend aims to rediscover Islam and evaluate its influence on our civilization. We immerse ourselves in the phenomenon of birth and growth of an exotic new world, beginning with the geo-politics of the pre-Islamic era , the life of the Prophet Mohammad, the advent of Islam, the Quran, the Quranic world view, the Islamic civilization, the Islamic science and technology and its influence on the Western science, Arabic words in English language, Islamic literature and Islamic architecture, Islam in the world today, and concluding with the birth of the Baha’i Revelation as the next torch bearer.

The aim is to promote our understanding of Islam. and Islamic civilization. Particularly suited to Baha’is of Christian background, or Muslims close to the Baha’i Faith.

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English Summer School 2010 (United Kingdom)


Dates: 14th to 21st August, 2010

Location: Wellington College in Berkshire is one of the great national boarding schools. The College is proud of a fine tradition of service and of its Royal connections. It stands in an attractive 400 acre woodland estate in Crowthorne, Berkshire; the buildings, as well as extensive playing fields, are all in the estate and within easy walking distance of each other.

Email: rschool.registrar2010@googlemail.com
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Persian Arts and Letters Conference 2009 (UK)

The Bahá’i Society for Persian Arts and Letters presents

Abdu’l-Bahá, the Centre of the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh

27-29 December 2009, Watford Hilton
London, United Kingdom

We are delighted to announce the introduction of an English programme at our annual conference. This is at the request of many friends who have expressed a wish to benefit from our lectures. This programme will run parallel to the Persian conference which has been held for the last 12 years consecutively. There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion. The evening programme will consist of music and films.
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Baha’i-Christian Dialogue Course (UK)

Please note change of dates.

Baha’i-Christian Dialogue, Facilitated by Jeremy and Carolyn Fox

Dates: From 8.30 p.m. Friday 19th to 3.p.m. Sunday 21st February 2010

Location: Liverpool Baha’i Centre

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LIVERPOOL BAHA’I CENTRE, 23-25th October 2009

Do most people seem to be chasing after the rainbow of material wealth and appearance?

How can we attract them to the inner virtues and values which can enrich and make our lives seem worthwhile? .

Abdu’l Baha was asked what is the purpose of life. He replied “To acquire virtues”

Spend a weekend learning about The Virtues Project, learning how to recognize and encourage the virtues, these qualities of human spirit within yourself and your family.

The Virtues Project is very suitable for people of all religions, as it includes quotations from all the world religions.

From 8.p.m. Friday 23rd October to lunchtime Sunday 25th October 2009
Residents 60 G.B .pounds, 80 pounds for single room, non-residents 30 G.B. Pounds.

For bookings E mail isaacdecruz19@googlemail.com or write Isaac DeCruz, 5 Langdale Road, Wavertree, Liverpool L15 3LA.
Queries 0151-733-8514

English Summer School 2009 (United Kingdom)

The English Summer School will be held from 8 – 15 August 2009 at Wellington College, Crowthorne (Berkshire). The plenary speaker will be Mr Glenford Mitchell.

Full details can be found on the English Residential Schools webs site: