A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

Course: Introduction to the Beauty of Islam (United Kingdom)

Weekend Course: Introduction to the Beauty of Islam

Liverpool Baha’i Centre
8 p.m. Friday 22nd to Sunday 2.p.m. 24th October.

A Contemplative and Exploratory weekend on the Beauty of Islam

“When I closed the second volume of the Prophet’s biography I was sorry there was not more for me to read of that great life.” Mahatma Gandhi

This weekend aims to rediscover Islam and evaluate its influence on our civilization. We immerse ourselves in the phenomenon of birth and growth of an exotic new world, beginning with the geo-politics of the pre-Islamic era , the life of the Prophet Mohammad, the advent of Islam, the Quran, the Quranic world view, the Islamic civilization, the Islamic science and technology and its influence on the Western science, Arabic words in English language, Islamic literature and Islamic architecture, Islam in the world today, and concluding with the birth of the Baha’i Revelation as the next torch bearer.

The aim is to promote our understanding of Islam. and Islamic civilization. Particularly suited to Baha’is of Christian background, or Muslims close to the Baha’i Faith.

Facilitator is Mansur Mohammadi a Baha’i, who was brought up as a Muslim.

Residents shared rooms £60, single rooms £80. Includes all food except Friday night. Non-residents £30.

Registrar Michael Melville, 24 Forest Close, Cuddington, Northwich,
Cheshire CW8 2EE. michael.melville@waitrose.com up to 1st September.
After 1st September Isaac DeCruz, 5 Langdale Rooad, Liverpool, L15 3LA


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