A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

English Summer School 2010 (United Kingdom)


Dates: 14th to 21st August, 2010

Location: Wellington College in Berkshire is one of the great national boarding schools. The College is proud of a fine tradition of service and of its Royal connections. It stands in an attractive 400 acre woodland estate in Crowthorne, Berkshire; the buildings, as well as extensive playing fields, are all in the estate and within easy walking distance of each other.

Email: rschool.registrar2010@googlemail.com

SUMMER SCHOOL 14th to 21st August – in wonderful, beautiful, hospitable Wellington College with its historic past, lush surroundings and gourmet meals. It’s in Crowthorne, in Berkshire – less than an hour from London and Heathrow and less than an hour and a half from Gatwick

Some of your favourite tutors are back, and we have some new tutors too. And for the really important people – our children, junior youth and youth – we have some great tutors and teachers. Look below for details of the courses and tutors.

This year we are blessed by the presence of former member of the Universal House of Justice Mr Douglas Martin who will be giving the plenary talks every day. We look forward to hearing his inspiring talks and learning a little from someone who has had experiences very, very few of us have had.

Course A1: The Kitáb-i-Aqdas: the Charter of the New World Order
Tutor: Sepideh Taheri
Course A2: Science and Religion
Tutor: Robert Ghanea-Hercock
Course A3: Baha’í Ethics and Climate Change
Tutor: Philip Koomen
Course A4: Opening the Gate:
An Introduction to the Lives of the Bab and Baha’u’llah
Tutor: Ismael Velasco
Course A5: Leading a Spiritual Life
Tutor: May Hofman
Course A6: ‘Bahá’í Education – learning and practice’ Tutors: Lindsay and Adam Thorne
Course A7: Advancing towards the equality of women & men
Tutor: Naz Ghanea-Hercock
Course A8: Social and Economic Development
Tutor: Wendi Momen
Course A9: A Culture of Change
Tutor: Moojan Momen
Course A10: (Sunday to Tuesday) The Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha
Tutor: Deyhim Foroughi
(Wednesday to Friday) The World Order of Baha’u’llah
Tutor: Barney Leith Young Adults Course: Dare to Soar!
(Sunday to Tuesday) Tutor: Fariba Oak The Baha’i Faith and the media
(Wednesday to Friday) Tutor: Saleem Vaillancourt C1 ages 10 and 11 Kiawii Goodwin

C2 ages 8 and 9 Arta Golestani

C3 ages 6 and 7 Christine Abbas

C4 ages 4 and 5 Vicky Golestaneh plenary talks booking prices courses

English Summer School 2010
For ages 15 – 17. Tutor: John Parris
“Our mission: building a world civilisation” This programme will be suitable both for those who have some understanding of this theme and for those who have little or no knowledge of the Faith. It will be particularly suitable for young people who may be enquirers.

The themes to be covered will include the oneness of humanity, Baha’u’llah as the founder of a world civilisation, Unity as a key to the future, the activities that lead to building communities, the concept of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

No previous knowledge is required and the course will take the form of presentations, participative workshops and artistic activities. All materials required will be provided
John Parris is a GP in Edinburgh.
John has most recently been a tutor for the adults, but now he’s back with the important people. Thank you, John. Can a rock speak? Or a mountain move and flow? Baha’u’llah says they can! Thoughts and ideas for prayer are part of this interactive course for Junior Youth drawn mostly from the Bahai Writings. Obligatory, private or inner prayer and meditation are included in the programme through practice, reflection and discussion. Also we hope to have extra insights from guest speakers on rock-flows… Among some of the questions and ideas we’ll be trying to address are, ‘What does “Building a World Civilization mean to you?” ,and “How does it affect your every day life?”

We will explore ideas of how, you, as young citizens of the world, can contribute to building this “Civilization”, by looking closely at the Baha’i Writings, and, using art, music and perhaps drama if you are all up to the challenge!

This course is not about a tutor talking at you all day, so please put on your thinking caps when you come, and be prepared to make new friends, and in the process, hopefully we can, together, learn a lot from each other! Shiva Nolan was with this age group last year and she enjoyed it so much that she’s back this year. Welcome back, Shiva. Lesley’s been on loan to the grown-ups for the last few years, but she’s back with her first love now. Welcome back to Wellington, Lesley. Under 4s by arrangement with the registrar. activities contact us


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