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Slovakian Summer School 2010 (Slovakia)

Slovakian Summer School 2010

Dates: 27th July–1st August 2010

Venue: at the recreation center Vadičov

Dear friends,

We invite you to spend pleasant days in the beautiful Kysuce surroundings. You can relax actively in the various team sports, swimming pool or sauna, learn interesting information from the area of partnership, parenting and child education, discuss various topics and issues related to various aspects of Baha’i life, enjoy art workshops, or time spent in a circle of friends.

As every year, an integral part of summer school will be the children’s and youth program, including outdoor sport activities and evening entertainment events.

Leisure Centre Vadičov is located in the attractive tourist area of Kysuce. This area offers a wide range of recreation, tourism and sport opportunities. RS Vadičov offers high-quality services accommodation, catering, leisure and sport areas. You can sport in a modern equipped fitness center, on the soccer field, tennis courts, as well as TINI amusement park with many attractions for children. You can also ride a mountain bike in the surrounding hills and then relax in the Wellness center.

Accommodation can be in the comfortable mountain hotel **** in 2-bed rooms with possibility of extra beds, in the bungalows made from natural materials that offer comfort under the present standard, or in your own tents.

Bijan a Shirin Khadem-Missagh are focusing their work particularly on strengthen family relationships. They give lectures on this topic around the world. Moreover they founded the project “Family Week”, which is regularly held for 10 years in Baden, Austria. They are involved in many educational projects. They have three wonderful children who are exceling especially in the arts and music. Bijan acts as a soloist, conductor of international Chamber Orchestra Allegro Vivo, founder of the orchestra Tona Kunstler, is holder of the highest awards for arts and science in Austria. Summer Academy Allegro Vivo has a 30 year tradition of working with parents and children.
Raymond and Furugh Switzer act as psychologists and family therapists. They are the authors of the book Conscious courtship (intentional courting/wooing). On the subject of marriage and relations approach with understanding and humor drawing on their professional experience as well as teaching the Baha’i faith. Raymond and Furugh have many seminars for couples and youth around Europe. They are currently living in Budapest.

Summer School begins with dinner on Tuesday 27th July and ends with lunch on Sunday 1st August Re- gistration begins at school after 4 pm. The school can be registered for by completing the registration form or by text messages. Registration is valid for advance payment. In the case of the registration before 30th May 2010 we are guaranteeing a discount of 12%!

You can register electronically by completing the form http://www.bahai. sk/reg.html page, or email letna_sko- la_2010@bahai.sk .


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