A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

European Conference on Justice 2009

European Bahá’í Conference on Justice

4-6 December 2009

De Poort Conference Centre,
Groesbeek, The Netherlands

The European Bahá’í Conference on Justice correlates principles of justice – which occupy such a central place in Bahá’í Writings – to contemporary world affairs. The event aims at being accessible to all & has something to offer to everyone: from law to world trade, power relations to social activism, global governance to gender relations, business ethics to individual transformation. This year’s event brings together a unique combination of speaker and promises to offers a participatory environment for learning and sharing.

16.30 Opening of the Conference
17.00 Ismael Valesco
Justice & Social Activism
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Jairo Roldan
Complementarity, Knowledge & Reality
20.30 Get together

08.00 Breakfast
09.30 Devotional
10.00 Anisa Fadaei
The call of civilization: towards sustainable justice for women and girls
11.00 Augusto Claro-Lopez
Are We Ready for a World Government?
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Aziz Navidi Memorial Lecture:
Michael Karlberg
Normative Adversarialism
14.30 Workshops
16.00 Break
16.15 Shervin Setareh
Corporate Social Responsibility:
justice in the private sector
17.15 Dinner
20.00 Panel Discussion

08.00 Breakfast
09.15 Devotional
09.30 Young Legal Scholar Lecture:
Maryam Manteghi
Justice & Collective Guilt: the experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina
10.30 Dan Sarooshi
Institutional Modes of Conflict Management
11.30 Lunch
13.00 Michael Karlberg
Power & Justice
14.00 Jairo Roldan
Ethical Values & Scientific Discourse
15.00 Closing of the Conference

For more information and to register:


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