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Baha’i-Christian Dialogue Course (UK)

Please note change of dates.

Baha’i-Christian Dialogue, Facilitated by Jeremy and Carolyn Fox

Dates: From 8.30 p.m. Friday 19th to 3.p.m. Sunday 21st February 2010

Location: Liverpool Baha’i Centre

This course consists of an approach to the Bible in the light of the Baha’i Scriptures.

Its primary purpose is to enable Bahá’ís to feel better equipped to present the Baha’i Faith to Christians satisfactorily, but attendance by interested Christians has proved extremely positive.
The course involves working mostly in small groups, workshop-style, in which participants discuss and share their understandings. While the material makes the Baha’i viewpoint clear, the emphasis is on each person drawing their own conclusions on any given issue, feeling free and respecting the freedom of others. There will be some role-play.

Contents include:
Statements of belief of various churches and Bahá’ís (in relation to the Bible)
Baha’i statements regarding the Bible – How de we define religion?
Basic Christian beliefs regarding Christ
Evolution of God’s teachings within the Bible
The Trinity, The Resurrection, Original Sin etc

The course involves a minimum of 10 – 12 hours. Much will depend on the group concerned and the amount of time they wish to spend on any one section.

Anyone interested, of whatever religious background, is most welcome to participate. Certainly suitable for interested Christians

For more details of content contact Jeremy Fox

Residents: £60 (Including all food except Friday meal) single rooms £90, non-residents £30 pounds.

To book please email Isaacdecruz19 @ googlemail.com


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