A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

Summer Festival 2009 (Germany)

14th Summer Festival at the European House of Worship

Dates: 28 June 2009

Info: nsagermany@bahai.de

Dear Baha’i Friends,

The German Bahá’í Summer Festival Committee would like to invite you all to the 14th ‘Sommerfest’ at the European House of Worship in Langenhain, Germany.

The ‘Sommerfest’ has developed over time and it is an event where Bahá’í friends can be the host for a day to all members of the public from the regional areas surrounding the House of Worship and anyone that comes to the festival. We try to render a service to the public at large, in as much as we invite people into an atmosphere of friendliness, openness and tranquillity laced with multicultural music, dance performances, international foods and children’s activities and of devotionals in the European House of Worship.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask all Bahá´í friends from all European countries to consider firstly attending the event and secondly if they can in anyway contribute to the festival. We are always looking for musical entertainment offers from Bahá´í friends around the world and also national food stands are very welcome where food from different countries is offered. Assistance on the actual day would be also greatly appreciated. Any ideas or contributions from our European Bahá´í friends can only help to improve and create an extraordinary event that is bright and colourful.

This year’s summer festival will be held on Sunday, 28th of June 2009 from 11am-6pm. Please let us know of any new ideas, suggestions or contributions you might have by the end of April 2009, latest. All correspondence should be sent to the contact details below. If you are planning to organise a bus to the festival, please let us know in advance so we can provide parking.

We are looking forward to enjoying a bright and colourful festival with you all.

We remain with loving Bahá´í greetings

On behalf of the Summer Festival Committee


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