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Swedish Summer School 2009

Welcome to the Swedish Bahá’í Summer School 2009 – July 8th-12th!

The peaceful and refreshing scenery of southern Sweden welcomes you, once again, to a Bahá’í Summer School worth remembering. This will follow up the same event held last year, where 350 participants were gathered and inspired by useful workshops, beautiful surroundings and insightful speeches held by Dr. Firaydoun Javaheri and Dr. Sepideh Taheri.

The main speakers this year will be Mr. Ali Nakhjavani, former member of the Universal House of Justice, and Mrs. Violette Nakhjavani, who had the privilege of travelling with Rúhíyyih Khánum during her journeys around the globe.

Dr. Sepideh Taheri, co-founder of the course “Unfoldment of Divine Civilization”, will again be sharing some of her thought-provoking speeches. In addition, we have the privilege of having Dr. Steven Phelps, who has been serving for many years in the Research Department of the Bahá’í World Center, systematically translating the Writings of the Faith.

Similar to last year, the venue will be the Lundsbrunn Resort. Beautiful surroundings, topnotch facilities and buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be offered, as well as spa-facilities, running tracks and a leisure centre. The closest airports are Landvetter (Gothenburg) and Arlanda (Stockholm).

The program will, apart from the plenary sessions, include courses during the afternoons, where the participants will have the possibility to deepen themselves in some of the manifold aspects of the Faith. Recreational hours have also been included for the friends to be able to socialize, engage in physical exercise such as jogging, taking a walk or playing american football, or to explore the possibilities of the Lundsbrunn Resort. Devotionals and evening programs will also be integral parts of the Summer School. Some of the topics which the program will cover are:

Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum
From Chaos to World Order
The Bahá’í Law of Succession
The Bahá’í Faith and Atheism
How Can I Systematically Study the Bahá’í Writings?
The Role of Religion in the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Prices have been kept low in order to encourage as many as possible to participate, from €110 (children 4-15), €150 (students aged 16 and above, including those studying at university) and €225 (adults).

This year we welcome you to Sweden!

For more information:

Email: sommarskolan@bahai.se
Website: http://bahai.se/sommarskolan/engindex.php


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