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Center for Bahá’í Studies
Acuto, Italy

English Programme: 28 June – 1 July 2009
Persian Programme: 3 – 9 July 2009

Challenges Facing Human Society
“Some Answered Questions”

Centers of knowledge and leaders of thought are searching for solutions for an increasing number of problems threatening our individual and collective well-being. A hundred years ago `Abdu’l-Bahá elucidated a series of solutions to many of the problems we are facing today.

The `Irfan Colloquium in 2009 is continuing its 2008 program to present and discuss the principles and explanations embodied in `Abdu’l-Bahá’s “Some Answered Questions” as well as other Bahá’í Writings. The Colloquium’s program also includes presentation of systematic Bahá’í studies in fundamental principles of the Bahá’í beliefs, Writings of the Central Figures of the Bahá’í Faith, and the interface of the Bahá’í Faith with current intellectual and religious trends. `Irfán Colloquium takes place in an informal and collegiate atmosphere and provides a unique opportunity to meet and associate with those interested in systematic Bahá’í studies. Presenters this year include Dr. Shapour Rassekh, Dr. Vahid Rafati and
Dr. Iraj Ayman for the Persian programme and Dr. Stephen Lambden, Dr. Sholeh Quinn, Dr. Amin Egea, Dr. Armin Eschraghi, Dr. Julip Savi and Dr. Moojan Momen for the English programme. Participants receive a free copy of The Lights of `Irfán and a booklet of abstracts.
Information on `Irfán Colloquium and the details of the program are posted in: http://www.irfancolloquia.org


1. English Programs starts after dinner on 28th June 2009 and ends on the evening of 1st July 2009
Persian Program starts after dinner on 3rd July 2009 and ends on evening of 9th July 2009

2. Proposals for presentations should be sent not later than March 2009.

3. For registration and accommodation reservations contact following address:.

The Centre for Bahá’í Studies,
Hotel La Panoramica,
Via Capodimonte 49,
03010 Acuto (FR), ITALY
Tel: 39-0775-56061 * Fax: 39-0775-56841
E-mail: acuto@bahai.it * www.centrostudibahai.com,


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