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Changing Times: Young Adult Forum 2008 (Czech Republic)

Changing Times

Young Adults Forum
Hluboka, Czech Republic
25th Dec – 1st Jan 2008-09


This year’s program will cover themes such as:

Building Towards a New World Order
Religion in the Modern World
Proof of the Divine
External Affairs: Far Beyond Obscurity
Teaching; Pioneering: Opportunities at a Critical Time
Career and Spirituality: Finding the Balance
Living in the 21st Century: Utilizing New Media
The Prison of Self: Spiritual Growth and Happiness
Understanding the Challenge of this Day: A World of Turmoil
The Hands of the Cause: An Era of Light

Among the special guests that have so far confirmed their attendance are:

Mr. Burhaniddin Afshin, India
Ms. Kit Bigelow, USA
Mr. David Henderson, USA
Mr. Ian Semple, Switzerland
Prof. Moshe Sharon, Israel

Registration opens on the 13th of September and places are limited.

25th of December 2008 to the 1st of January 2009

On Campus: 250 Euro includes seminar fee and full room and board (7 nights)
Off Campus: 180 Euro includes seminar fee and board

Please note that the minimum age for registration is 20

Official Site: http://www.changing-times.org

Email: office@changing-times.org


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