A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

Joint EBBF and IEF Annual Conference

Title: Growth or Sustainability?
Defining, Measuring and Achieving Prosperity
18 – 21st of September

Depoort Conference Centre, The Netherlands

Website: http://ebbf.org/annualconference.html

The prevailing economic model for human society is based on the expectation of growth. The media headlines show success measured by indicators such as the expansion in market share, in profits or in Gross Domestic Production.

At the same time the indicators of the ill-health of our planet have for decades signalled the existence of physical limits to how many resources we can extract and how much pollution we can release. The headlines of how we threaten the sustainability of our own civilisation increasingly stare us in the face.

In the argument between growth on the one hand and sustainability-oriented development models on the other, the nature of the human soul and its search for prosperity beyond material luxury consumption is easily lost. At this conference we will strive to put that soul at the heart of the discussion of how we define, measure and achieve true prosperity.

Come and join us for an exciting journey of learning from each other: CEOs, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, scientists and citizens who, together with keynoters and panellists, will provide food for thought and, ultimately, offer a new way forward towards the broader vision of “enhancing the well-being and prosperity of humankind”.


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