A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

EBBF Mini-Conference 2008 (Italy)

June 15-18th conference

Title: You Can Act Now For The World Of Tomorrow

Website link: http://ebbf.org/tomorrow2008.html

How can an organization affect the future? How can each individual in that organization feel part of a project that wants to offer a new successful way of doing business that will innovate into a new world order?

EBBF takes you on a three part weekend journey:

. starting from the foundations of our core values,

. offering a strategy for the future,

. building the roadmap to a new mindset.

You will be offered the opportunity of being part of a group of like minded individuals, people who think forward, who make ethics concrete on Monday morning at work.

A mix of keynotes and decisions to make you a potential change agent, supported by hundreds of leaders spread around the world with your same passion and thirst for a new way of being successful in business.

All of the above in the relaxed atmosphere of a hotel viewing the medieval town of Acuto, perched on the Italian hills in the Province of Rome.

Enjoy a weekend of Italian food, warm hospitality in the company of like-minded individuals who are also looking for ways to apply their values to create a new holistic world order.


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