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The Unfoldment of Divine Civilization Course 2008 (Czech Republic)

Summer course: Unfoldment of Divine Civilization 2008

Dates: 15.7.-25.7.2008

Location: Townshend International School (Czech Republic)

As part of a range of new initiatives to assist in the direct teaching activities, relating to “Anna’s presentation” from Ruhi Book 6, Townshend International School is holding, for the fifth year running, the course entitled “Unfoldment of Divine Civilisation”. The principal aims of the course are to assist young people to share with wider society the sound solutions the Baha’i Faith has to the world’s problems; to help them defend the Faith against opposition and misunderstandings; and to assist them to influence public opinion using convincing arguments and proofs. In essence, the course covers “Anna’s presentation” in depth.

The course is directed predominantly at young adults over 18 years of age, and is especially useful for those pursuing university level studies. It trains the youth to correlate the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh to the thoughts and needs of people today, giving them a clear, intellectual, rational understanding that the universal crisis afflicting humanity is essentially spiritual in nature and demonstrating that these Teachings are the sole remedy for the innumerable ills of individuals and society.

There is a possibility to get sponsorship for attendance of the course.

Regular price: 270,-Euro

For more information, please contact:

Manije Khabirpour : manijekhabirpour@gmail.com or
Jean Paul Wattieaux:jeanpaul.wattiaux@townshend.cz

or look at: http://townshend.aoehost.de/


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