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Dates: 15-22 JUNE 2008


Sunday 22nd to Wednesday 25th June

ARTS TO ACTION WORKSHOP: ‘Harnessing the Arts in the Promotion of the Core Activities’

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the passing of Queen Marie

An invitation to Artists, Musicians, Performers, Dancers, Tutors of Ruhi Circles, Trainers of children and junior youth, and all with a passion for beauty to explore their talents in the development and use of artistic tools for the promotion and implementation of the Core Activities. Courses are aimed at developing skills and capacities to enhance the devotional experience, study circles, and every act of service to humanity.

The Arts in Action Workshop is open to all.

Program: Classes in Music, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Visual and Healing Arts, along with other talents brought by the participants.

Three main activities:
• Workshops for the purpose of sharing the methodology and application of artistic tools for the promotion of the Core Activities. (Choir, Calligraphy, Sculpture, Visual Arts, Healing Arts & Storytelling)
• Collaboration – Consultation and brainstorming on additional artistic tools for the promotion of the Core Activities
• Performance and sharing of Arts in Action

Workshops include:

Art of Healing with Dr. Brenda Maxwell and Alex Zografov
What do Ruhi study circles have to do with our health and the health of our friends? How can we give ‘the greatest of all gifts’ to our children and youth? What impact can a devotional gathering have on our health and well-being? This Workshop, offered by a medical doctor and a musician, will not only guide us to answers for these questions, but will also explore the healing of ‘spirit, mind, soul and the powers of sight and hearing, which are but one single reality’, and do so in a manner that allows our souls to ‘be lifted up unto the realm on high’.

Calligraphy with Bertha Petruski
In this relaxed but intensive program you will learn about proper working space, calligraphy equipment, lettering techniques, word and layout design, and will create your own simple projects to give you the working knowledge needed to promote the Core Activities. Group project will center around The Hidden Words. Much one-on-one attention is given. All equipment will be supplied.
Mining Your Visual Arts Gems with Margaret Appa
This course will focus on developing individual skills and confidence in using simple visual approaches to the arts. From making marks with pencils, pens, charcoal, crayons, paint etc, to using collage and creating simple puppets and getting them to tell stories, we shall see what time allows us to achieve. Prepare to be surprised and come with a big smile, an open mind and lots of determination ready to explore the mine of your inmost self! Explore how the individual learning can be applied to the promotion of the core activities.

Musical Companion to Ruhi with Alex Zografov
All with a passion for music and performing are welcome!
Appropriate for all with a burning desire to know the Word of God by heart and to share the Holy Writings with anyone, anytime.
Vocal Warm-up and voice development.
Singing as a tool for memorizing the Writings used in the Ruhi Curriculum.
Using music and the Word of God with children and youth.
Music for prayer, meditation and encouragement.

Painting and Sketching
Painters bringing their own equipment are at liberty to use the beauty of the Palace gardens, buildings, landscapes, and of course the seashore to discover new ways to promote the core activities.

Wood Sculpture with Professor Peter Ditchev
The participants can be well established artists or simply have a passion for beauty and expression of ideas in form. Wood sculpture, not woodwork, but an art form that connects wood pieces, of various forms, will be used in this workshop, to express the Holy Writings. These skills are also an asset for the training of children, junior youth and youth.

For a registration form and further information contact Angela Tidswell,
E-mail: ang@xp11.com
Tel: +359 51106267.

An optional pilgrimage to the Holy Places in Adrianople (Edirne), Turkey directly after the Arts in Action Workshop. A time for meditation, prayer, transformation and centering our energies for service.
Queen Marie of Romania, was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and the first Royal to recognise and accept the Message of Bahá’u’lláh.

Along the shores of the Black Sea Coast, come to experience this superb and unique venue, now a historical museum, the Summer Nest of Queen Marie of Romania, set in over 40 acres of beautiful and spiritual gardens, a perfect place to experience personal transformation through meditation and the arts.

The aim is to enhance the individual into action through the arts. As mankind struggles with a fast, changing world, Bahá’u’lláh, Founder of the Bahá’í Faith urges us to use our personal and collective endeavours in presenting the remedy that will heal the world. The Bahá’í Community has a divine mandate to connect hearts and souls to the Creative Force using techniques in studying the Bahá’í Holy Writings, and during this week, we will explore ways and means of enhancing this through the creative arts.

Courses to include music, song, dance, painting, sculpture, storytelling, calligraphy, photography, drama, etc. All courses are aimed at developing those skills that lie within each of us to enhance the devotional experience, study circles, and every act of service to humanity.

In the past Queen Marie would organize such events in her Palace! Everything in her Palace was created to exemplify the concept of ‘unity in diversity’.

Places are limited to 100 therefore it is essential to book early.

For further information please contact Angela Tidswell, ang@xp11.com, telephone +35051106267. Skype angela.tidswell


Sunday 22nd to Wednesday 25th June


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