A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

World Peace Programme – Summer 2008 (Czech Republic)

Certificate course with Prof. Suheil Bushrui and Prof. James Malarkey


Dates: Summer 2008
Venue: Townshend International School, Czech Republic (www.townshend.cz)

The World Peace Programme provides youth with an opportunity to investigate the conflicts, crises, and challenges currently besetting the world and to identify courses of action that will bring greater justice, unity, and peace. Recognition of the inherent worth and essential oneness of humanity and our religious traditions is a vital precondition for peace. So, in this programme students are acquainted with the central values and teachings of the world’s major cultures and faith traditions. Special study is devoted to the Baha’i Faith, which both affirms the essential truths in previous dispensations and promotes inclusive and sustainable solutions to the many ills humanity is facing. Students examine its sacred Writings, principles, institutions, and current activities in the service to humanity.

In addition to intellectual analysis as a means of addressing global issues, the programme affirms the vital importance of a commitment to inner transformation. Therefore, spiritual development and community building are central emphases within the daily life of the World Peace Programme. Focused listening, consultation, dialogue, prayer, meditation, and character building are addressed in workshops and practiced on a daily basis. Health and fitness are promoted through balanced nutrition and regular exercise. The expressive arts practicum is designed to help students hone their creative abilities and produce constructive and inspiring works. In the WPP these diverse activities are organized thematically so each activity reinforces the others. It is stressed that all activities are to be conducted in a spirit of humility, love, and service.

The programme spans a three-year period with an intense three-week session each summer. The content for each session varies, though all of the above aspects are regularly addressed. While the programme is not accredited at this time, the work is the equivalent of approximately 12 credits. Many universities have granted credit through petition.

The programme is held at the Townshend International School in the Czech Republic. The fee for the 2007 session is 1,090 Euros. Applications are accepted on a first-come first served basis so students are encouraged to apply early.

Watch video on the Programme: http://www.worldpeaceprogramme.org/wpp_2006video.wmv


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