A directory of Baha'i events across Europe.

Cyprus Arts and Music Festival 2007

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that the Cyprus Arts and Music Festival
will be held from Saturday, 23 June to Friday, 29 June 2007 in
Limassol, at the Miramare Beach Hotel, on the shores of Mediterranean
Sea (please visit : www.miramare.com.cy).

The Festival is planned to be a multi-dimensional cultural event with
focus on performing and graphic arts, music, films, literature and
drama; it is aimed to provide a platform for proclamation of the
Bahá’í Faith through artistic expressions.
The morning program of the festival consists of literary presentations
by a panel of distinguished speakers, including Prof. Suheil Bushrui,
on many subjects of Bahá’í interest. In the afternoon, there will be
over 4 hours for leisure, which will allow the participants to enjoy
the beautiful beaches and to use the hotel recreational facilities.

Art workshops, planned in collaboration with UK Bahá’í Academy for
Arts, will be held in the late afternoon for those who would like to
interact with the participating artists which include, Sarah Clive,
Beverly Evans, Robert Weinberg, Aidan Mathews, Brian Howard .

The evening programs are dedicated to performing arts and music; the
festival is blessed with presence of many exceptional music talents
and internationally known singers; the partial list of contributors
Bijan Khadem-Missagh, Ahdieh Badiee, Nancy Lee Harper, Ranzie Mensah,
Alfredo Matera, Shabnam Pakravan, Hussein Pakravan, Hasan Pala, Kostas
Kontos, Dorothy Khadem-Missagh, Francine Astani, Philip Fanise, Shirin

Additionally, there will be a festival of the films produced or
directed by the Bahá’í filmmakers from around the globe. One day of
the festival is also allocated to sight-seeing tour, for those who are
interested in discovering the historic sites of the Island. The teens
and children will have their own programs as well.

For more information on the Festival or to obtain registration forms,
please contact the Registrar at cyfestival@gmail.com.

We re looking forward to seeing you at the Cyprus Arts and Music Festival.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,
The Organizing Group


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